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‘Magic & Miracles..’


“Warmth wrapped with a woolen scarf, overcoat and shirt..

Inhaler kept the sulking heartbeat foggy morning’s worth..

Exchanging glance, sight, appearance, texture, color, smile..

Desperate windy snow-balls revert spring-rolls vegetable pile..

Letter-box played the witness to pine-tree story..

Publicized affair need the ride of elevated lorry..

Decisive narration at the coffees’ playground..

Can this be a serial plot for Horses and Hound..

‘Nope’, whispered the surrounding Wedding Bell..

Magic and miracles always have a agenda to tell..

Lightnings, Flowers, Wedding Gown, Food and Cake..

All we need is a ‘Chef’ to push the button namely, ‘Bake’..

Clasp fingers and feet, relax and sit on the decorated chair..

Are we born to immerse ‘souls’ into sacred divine fair..

Hazel eyes bound me to inhale exotic floral saga gift..

Dedicate depository daunting the barricades and rift..

Join the hands, feel the beauty and pray for everlasting love..

Yes, we are born to spread wings of happy and charming dove..

Watching the eternity through shiny mirror of sun..

Getting someone by Almighty’s choice, is double-sided bun..!!”


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