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Tough TImes..





“Tough times teach the teacher to tilt..

Betrayal buries beautiful buildings built..!!”



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‘Unknown truth..’






“As I lie down on the aisle of loneliness, the only savior heals my scar..scars of profound happiness.. Unexplored areas of unbeaten relaxation, unknown truth delays the world war within..  Infinite atoms  transformed into being of energy..a handful of beautiful arrays..!!!”


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“On the lonely night..
I sat by my table..
Writing the fears..
You came in..
And thrashed the tears..
In you, I find solace..
Deep down my heart..
Is painted your collage..!!”


23rd Sept., 2012

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‘Any answers..’

I have few questions to put across and will like everybody to just pass on..
Q1. Where is the ‘saviour’ of the UPA..???(Read Ms. Sonia Gandhi)
Q2. Ranked amongst the World’s Most Powerful Female, why her whereabouts are not released and also the disease that prompted her to leave for some unknown destination..???
Q3. Where is the Mr. Future PM(as proclaimed by their party members) out of sight..??
Q4. When this man can come down to villages and work just like a labourer, eat at a underprivileged person’s home, spend a night by the countryside; why is he out of sight now..???
Q5. Why is the current government scared of even tabling this..?? Must be thinking of the consequences..!!!!
Any answers..!!!

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‘What a hypocrite government..??’


We are living in 21st Century equipped with latest technology supported by ever-pervading media, still our viewpoint is centuries old..!!

No one can let go its power, especially the political power and control, even if this demands for the sacrifice of thousands and millions of people..!!!

What is going on in the country..???? Where is so-called the Future PM, who is always present with the villagers to share their sorrow(and the media is available 24×7 for him to support his social and generous cause)…???? Where is the lady who gave up(sacrificed) her PM Job and took over the coveted crown of being ‘SELFLESS LADY’..???

Poor Lady and her son had already fled…….!!!!!

What a hypocrite government..??


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‘My Paseo..’


"You hold me tight, when i fall..
 You kick me hard, when i scroll..

 My *'Paseo', you are Truly Divine..!!!"

*'Paseo' = A place or path designed for walking..

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‘A Letter..’

“Miss Rain,

This is unfair, every time you commit and forget. At least, show some concern for your dear friends(Ms. Rose and Ms. Jasmine); they have sat on a ‘Special Dharna’, until you meet them they will not smile..!!


Hope you will not desert your sweethearts..!! By the way, there is a ‘Saturday Night Party’ and your presence is solicited..

All yours,

Soily Soil..!!”

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