‘A Letter..’

“Miss Rain,

This is unfair, every time you commit and forget. At least, show some concern for your dear friends(Ms. Rose and Ms. Jasmine); they have sat on a ‘Special Dharna’, until you meet them they will not smile..!!


Hope you will not desert your sweethearts..!! By the way, there is a ‘Saturday Night Party’ and your presence is solicited..

All yours,

Soily Soil..!!”


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‘Are the politicians worried about the Nation..’

i vote..and follow the traffic signals vigilantly..and make sure no one even asks for bribe when i have to get my work done in either offices(Government or Private)..!!!
Coming to your previous message on which i posted this question of ‘Honest Youth’.. Who will make the young generation the ways to be honest..?? They do not believe in casting their votes..they bribe in order to get things done faster..they shower money to flee from the cops..!!!!!

Also, there are youth who are real honest..but what can they alone do..?? They cannot change the whole system which is corrupt and full of crooks..!!!

I am myself ready to take a plunge into the politics..but will those greedy creed let us in..??? Never..NEVER..!!!! We will be killed..crushed..!!!!

I went for a ‘Talk Show’ held just before the General Elections..wherein all the officials and members of various parties were present.. I asked a simple question—‘What have you people done for us..?? You come in for a tenure of five years..Earn..Enjoy..Ruin..Relish..Destroy…and Leave..!! Are you bothered whether the masses are getting basic necessities..??? Do you give an eye, if an accident occurs and the needy family loses the only bread-earner..????’

Trust me..That minister was aghast for a moment.. Though, within a minute he diplomatically veiled his corrupt government..!!!

I suggested him, ‘Is it not possible to pick the most efficient person beyond the cables of party..and fully utilise the untapped potential..?? Can we not work for the betterment of our country, and not just us..?????’

He was shocked..!!! I was pulled back and asked to keep shut..as it was On-Air..!!!!

It is very easy to say and blame, then to implement and execute..!!!

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‘Magic & Miracles..’


“Warmth wrapped with a woolen scarf, overcoat and shirt..

Inhaler kept the sulking heartbeat foggy morning’s worth..

Exchanging glance, sight, appearance, texture, color, smile..

Desperate windy snow-balls revert spring-rolls vegetable pile..

Letter-box played the witness to pine-tree story..

Publicized affair need the ride of elevated lorry..

Decisive narration at the coffees’ playground..

Can this be a serial plot for Horses and Hound..

‘Nope’, whispered the surrounding Wedding Bell..

Magic and miracles always have a agenda to tell..

Lightnings, Flowers, Wedding Gown, Food and Cake..

All we need is a ‘Chef’ to push the button namely, ‘Bake’..

Clasp fingers and feet, relax and sit on the decorated chair..

Are we born to immerse ‘souls’ into sacred divine fair..

Hazel eyes bound me to inhale exotic floral saga gift..

Dedicate depository daunting the barricades and rift..

Join the hands, feel the beauty and pray for everlasting love..

Yes, we are born to spread wings of happy and charming dove..

Watching the eternity through shiny mirror of sun..

Getting someone by Almighty’s choice, is double-sided bun..!!”

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Divine Fig..

“As I lay on the couch..
Stars smile big..
Engraving soul..
With a colorful zig..
Come..en-route my dream..
You are the Divine Fig..!!”

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‘My Auspicious Light..’

“Someone could have make me sleep tonight..
As this is the end of a turbulent fight..
Pat my back and garnish the Forehead Zone..
My Buddy, you are my ever-chirpy sweet tone..
Hold me on this Journey..by your lovely sight..
Forever here, at your rescue..My Auspicious Light..!!”

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‘Anonymous Soul..’

“Writing on a sunny day..
Sharpening the skills..
Seems a funny idea..

Soaking into afternoon beauty..
Lying on the bed-side..
Accumulating the thoughts..

Referrals bustling within..
A brain-storm session begins..
Attributing a narrative tale..

Deceiving self on pretext..
Recognizing flair for writing..
Swinging rude debated conversations..

Twirling down the adrenalin..
Yes, I bury my inner chin..

Droplets of pearl accumulate aside..
Will i justify my maiden reside..

Help me, O LORD !! Whisper into my spirit..
Journey to graveyard of frosty acid..

Plasters my frosty unstained blood..
Radiate a deceptive mask..And..
Shine..Memorize..like an anonymous soul..!!’

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Wrote on the request of a friend..to help her express..!!!!

“Over the dayz, I have realised..
No one else can over-ride my mind..

Barometer of a saint’s blessings..
Falling apart after a full-spirited hind..

Playing a game of hide and seek..
Enough oscillations rolling down the cheek..

If I could lay down self..
For a smile to broaden the horizon..
It will be for you ‘beloved’..

Surrendering my soul..
On your lap..in your arms..

Hold me tightly..

Let the lights fade-off..
Let this smoke inhale our body..
Let this spring meadow clasp dreams..
Let this innocent ‘Enigma’ blaze into rhythm of colors..

Preserve the purity of the ‘Oyster’..
Offspring throbbing into the woodlands..
Reincarnate the jewelled Heaven..!!!!”

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